To Other White Folks: Why the #blacklivesmatter Movement Matters

It’s been two years since the #blacklivesmatter movement appeared after the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the unjust murder of Trayvon Martin.  In that same time, the media began to cast a more focused spotlight on race relations in this country.  The spotlight only served to display what many already knew was happening in this … More To Other White Folks: Why the #blacklivesmatter Movement Matters

Want to Know How Your School Handles Equity and Diversity?: Just Ask The Students

A few years back, I was talking with one of my students.  Somehow the conversation led to me asking what people in his neighborhood thought of our school.  Very emphatically he exclaimed: “Nobody in my neighborhood knows about this school.  This school’s for white people.”  I learned then that if you wanted to know about … More Want to Know How Your School Handles Equity and Diversity?: Just Ask The Students

Engaging Parents

While I was thumbing through the intermingled stream of information as it shows up on the web, I came across an article that was proposing a different approach to communication with parents.  The post itself was rather deplete of any new ideas on how to build a stronger bridge between parents and schools.  What I … More Engaging Parents

The Small Victory

I am naturally inclined to look at the world as a series of problems to be solved.  It brings me great joy to tackle a problem and solve it.  This worldview is both a blessing and a curse.  I am drawn to helping others and working with them to become better version of themselves.  Over … More The Small Victory

I Won’t Cave

During a meeting a week ago, I was engaged in a conversation amongst fellow teachers.  We were discussing the implications of tracking.  The conversation led down the path of standardized testing— as it so often does.  How do we make sure that all students are learning if we are in a perpetual race to complete … More I Won’t Cave

The Power of Words

The power of our words can brighten minds, mend hearts, and change lives.   As teachers, we have been blessed with the opportunity to stand among a group of young people and use our words to inspire, console, enlighten, and so much more.  If we are not careful with the words that we choose, we risk … More The Power of Words

What’s Your Mission?

As we move through the first days of the new year and many are establishing their resolutions, maybe it’s time that we all take a moment to look deep into our own hearts and answer the question: “What do you stand for?” Through some soul searching, we can hope to glean some insight into our mission as educators and our vision for the new year. After all, our students shouldn’t be the only ones who have a mission and goals for the upcoming year. … More What’s Your Mission?