Kids Before Content

A topic that repeatedly comes up in education are standards.  Whether it is the misinformed outlash that has been brought about by the Common Core or the scores that arise from the standardized testing, most conversations about education seems to hover around the same place: standards.  We could talk about this subject all day and … More Kids Before Content

The Small Victory

I am naturally inclined to look at the world as a series of problems to be solved.  It brings me great joy to tackle a problem and solve it.  This worldview is both a blessing and a curse.  I am drawn to helping others and working with them to become better version of themselves.  Over … More The Small Victory

I Won’t Cave

During a meeting a week ago, I was engaged in a conversation amongst fellow teachers.  We were discussing the implications of tracking.  The conversation led down the path of standardized testing— as it so often does.  How do we make sure that all students are learning if we are in a perpetual race to complete … More I Won’t Cave

The Power of Words

The power of our words can brighten minds, mend hearts, and change lives.   As teachers, we have been blessed with the opportunity to stand among a group of young people and use our words to inspire, console, enlighten, and so much more.  If we are not careful with the words that we choose, we risk … More The Power of Words